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So…. My landlord just informed me that there will be a house inspection sometime soon, and that they will give me enough warning to remove the plants (he knows I grow, but the city doesn’t).

Anyways, I live in MI, have a card, and am a caretaker, but I don’t want anybody to have a fun story to tell while drinking (because word spreads).

I am luckly am in between cycles at the moment, so I mainly have small clones, but I also have half of the basement and an entire bedroom setup for growing. To pull off hiding it would take about $100 and a few days of work, as well a another grow area for the day.

My question is, is there anyway that they will stay out of the bedroom? It won’t be that big a deal to empty the basement and allow them access to the furnace, water heater, and breaker board, but the bedroom is completely covered in black tarp, and the bottom half is covered in mylar. I also modified the closet to hold an A/C. And then there is all the equipment set up inside the room….

Also, suggestions for what to say the room is for? Indoor workshop (tarps protect walls, seal off dust?), Hypoallergenic room? Or something more believable? Thanks for the help.
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