Stealth Rubbermaid grow/first attempt!


Hello GC, I have been lurking these forums for a few months now and finally settled on the rubbermaid tote set up for my first grow attempt ever…besides when we grew marigolds in like 2nd grade or some shit.

Okay so I basically read a ton of the examples on grasscity and a lot more from other forums via google. I decided on 2 36 gallon rubbermaid totes from walmart that were on sale for $11.47:

more supplies…

soldering iron $15
tin tape $ 7
caulk $ 3
PC fan $ 7 (discounted)
cheap CFLS $ 9 (2700k) 3 pack
GE cfls $ 7 (6500k) 2 pack
ext. cord $ 2
PVC elbow $ 1ish (passive intake)
screws $ .97
light splitter $ 2.62 x2
vanity fixture $ 10 x2
36 gal totes $ 12 x2

it took hours and many bong rips to tin tape just one tote.

fancy eh? 8 bulbs> 208w>13,720total lumens

messy caulk job


light! the wiring was easier than I thought.

speaker wire i already had plenty on hand.

fan works, used an old universal DC 12v for power

seems like ventilation is all good

need another roll of tin tape for the top tote…

ready to go!

So what do you think? Any advice would be awesome, any suggestion for what seeds i should order, and from who? i am thinking herbies seeds. growable dimensions are: 19 x 12 x 35

thanks for taking a look.

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