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Posted: 16January2012 at 10:52

Welcome, Shin.

Indoor growing is easy to master, with a bit of effort and experience.

A vigorous, fast, Indica-dominant strain is a good place to start, White Widow and Big Bud are good choices, as are Super Skunk, Shiva Shanti, Hindu Kush (see Alecky’s recent results), Skunk #1, Shiva Skunk, California Indica, Maple Leaf Indica, etc. Anything with a flowering time of 55 days or under.

Hydro growing, when set up and maintained properly, can give the best ratio between time vs weight and potency, but the best results always come with experience.

For a first crop, it’s wise not to plan (or rely) on making enormous amounts.
Better to set up, start with a single light (or two if feeling brave), and go through the growing/flowering cycle to harvest.

Even novices will usually make more than enough with their first crop to satisfy their own smoking needs, and the amount one learns can be enormous. Subsequent crops should get progressively bigger and better.

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