Isolated Aeroponic – Hydropionc System Hybrid: 1000W with Laboratory Altered Strain

  • 18. January 2012

Greeting everyone,
This is my second journal in these forums and I have used everything I have learned from this community to deliver the most refined system I could manage. If you care to read my first journal, you will see that I used a custom made recirculating system made out of large storage containers. The only problem was that there size was far to cumbersome, and prevented me from giving each plant individual attention. I was also working with some inferior strains. But nevertheless, I delivered some impressive growth ratios and yield on my first run ever. I decided to modify my system by making each plant have its own 5 gallon, self recirculating hydroponic system. I kinds felt that reservoir systems tend to carry too many issues like disease, algae buildup, and other problems. Each of my 5 gallon containers has a large air stone connected to a powerful pump. It makes the environment very moist inside the container, which promotes the formation of water droplets all over the roots that hang down before it reaches the small pool of recirculating nutrients. I meticulously maintain the water levels so it mimics a mock – aeroponic system.

What will follow will be a documented journal with pictures corresponding to specific dates. The strain that I am using was truly genetically altered at the University of Miami. It went through 4 separate hands until it landed into the hands of a close member of my family. I received just one cutting of this plant a couple weeks ago. What the following pictures show are just that one plant. I suspect in just a week I can start taking clones off it. The growth in a week was staggering. This plant was supposedly genetically altered to grow twice as fast as normal and spawn many more limbs. It flowers in 8 weeks as well. Only time will tell if this claim is accurate, but so far I am very impressed.
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