First time growing, advice welcome and appreciated!


Hi, greenberry42 here.
I’ve just recently started my first grow from bagseed. My grow spot is incredibly small, I’ve got three little seedlings that have been under 18/6 for meerly 5 days now. I’m hoping that the odds will be generous, and I hope to have 2 females grown LST because my grow cabinet is only 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.75. I hope it wont be too challenging for my first grow!
Anyway, I’ve got a CFL in there providing 2700 lumens a mere centimeter away from plant #1, which has already proven to be the dominant one. Because the other seedlings are inches instead of a centimeter away from that light, I have another CFL providing 1500 lumens.
I have a few questions.
1) Because it is my first grow and I have relatively low expectations, I started my plants in some dirt from my back yard. No nutes have been introduced yet. When I transplant from my red solo cups to a real pot, if i introduce fertilizer then will it be beneficial or will the change be bad for the plants?
2) I know that the yield will be lesser if I stick to CFLs all the way through flowering, but will the quality be lesser?
3) I’m hoping for at least 1 oz total from two plants grown LST with CFLs at approx. 3500 lumens on each plant (that’t an estimate based on my setup, pictures on my ghetto grow cabinet to come), is that too high of an expectation?
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