Women to stay away from. Red flag warning


-The Tanning Salon Employee or Frequenter

Back to back dated four of them and I can’t seem to stay away from them (They’re so hot).

Tanning salon women are like Michael Bay films, no depth. I need more then one type of stimulation.

-The Owner of Cats

First of all, animals are nowhere close to what raising a child is like so stop saying this. For once, I’d like to go home with a woman that owns a damn dog. The past 2 years it has been nothing but disappointment when we walk in only to find they own a cat, or two, or three. Their houses never smell good. Cat shit is not an odor I want to be greeted with when I am about to fuck you. They usually end up being into weird, odd shit that isn’t the normal weird, but a very specific weird that the majority of weird people find weird.

Those are the ones that I’ve seem to have issues with relationship wise.

What about you GC, any sort of thing relationship related you can’t stand?
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  • jamie kerr lake shasta dispensary

  • jamie kerr lake shasta dispensary


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