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Subject: why is weed illegal
Posted: 23January2012 at 20:14

Once, weed was legal, the story why it is illegal is an old story about Du Pont, Nylon and an old Newspaperguy with woods/ paper. I believed the story, i wasn’t born in the states and not in the 1920’s. Now i have an other opinion about who caused the illegal situation worldwide, it’s…the tobacco industry!Sounds much more logic to me, its world-wide more or less illegal.Isnt it strange that they (Tobacco industry ) didnt protest against the weed, while smoking is illegal, making paper from hemp isnt illegal! I think it started in the US with the old story and after that, in maybe the 60’s, the tobacco industry started to lobby in the background against hash and weed.cant imagine that the tobacco guys ddnt play a role in this…
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  • why is hennep illegal

  • why is hennep illegal


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