How long do YOU spend trimming your crop?


I’m a bit OCD, and I spent about 6 hours trimming the 50 grams of Blue Widow I just harvested a few days ago. I spent about 5 hours trimming just 20 grams of Pineapple Express a couple weeks before that! (That one had lots of tiny buds…) That’s the total time, from chopping the plant, to having all the colas hanging on twine in a box.

I took about 85 test cuts from the Blue Widow over a month as well, since I was out of other stuff! (As well as about 25 from the Pineapple Express, but those were even closer to harvest…) I guess that helped cut down on the trimming time, since I had few small buds. But for 170 watts of LED lighting, I’m not too unhappy, especially given the larger-by-the-day Hindu Kush landrace I have going by itself now… I have a feeling it may give me 75+ grams in 2 – 3 more weeks. 🙂

I seem to spend a lot of time getting all the larger leaves down as close to the base of the stem as I possibly can, and then very carefully cutting all the nute-burned tips off the smaller leaves. (Yeah, I don’t know how to grow yet all that well, so I had a bunch of nute-burned tips to cut… :)) I like to leave the smaller leaves that curl up on the bud (if it has good trichome density), though I’m still getting a sense of what will and won’t curl up…

I’m having some moisture issues with the Pineapple Express, but the Blue Widow is the first stuff I’ve grown that I feel looks better than most street stuff! (Yay, since that’s the goal of growing my own stuff!)

So, how long do YOU take to trim, say, 20 – 50 grams of stuff? 🙂
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  • צמחי תרבות מסורתיים ויקיפדיה

  • tricomas pineapple express colheita
  • צמחי תרבות מסורתיים ויקיפדיה


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