NEW!!! Help Me Out With A Few Questions x)


Whats up people? so i made an account and stuff OBVIOUSLY haha and I’ve been contemplating growing weed for awhile now since I’m tired of going thru "sketchy operations" buyin weed from people, and it will be for me to smoke, I’m not going to sell it at all.

But idk im Male in the US, from the PNW
and if you are trying to help out a newbie learn about the greatest herb on the planet haha contact me somehow i dont know how this site works xD

but yea i’ll try and be on pretty frequently i guess, i wanted to know where i could buy some legit seeds that i could get going as soon as i got them and the process of growing, like where i could find some good sources or people that know how to grow. i kind of know how it works just i havnt actually grown anything first hand.

i’ve got tobacco seeds i bought online and im going to try and grow those, so i might post some pictures or videos of my plants xD thanks
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