Looking for farmers in Portland.

  • 20. February 2012
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Hello I am looking to get in touch with some local farmers for an upcoming business venture. There will me a min of 3 openings, with a max of 5. The location is in downtown Portland and is a prime location. The building is a 5000 sq. ft with plenty of open space. Building is safe and secure. I have secured the permission of the building owner and have full consent to open this business. He is looking forward to it actually. We will be holding a variety of upcoming events. Some event will be a canned food drive, classes on everything from cloning to curing. There will be a movie den, pool table and lots of other activities. I have secured a massage therapist also for members. Please remember to be OMMP certified and have all legal forms needed. Thank you for your time. Please feel free to pm me and leave a number you can be reached at. I am going to try to set up a walk through so farmers may have some input to ideas and such. Hope to hear from you soon. Phillip
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