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  • 22. February 2012
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So. Here I go.
I’m starting my first grow.
I’ll take a pic of it after it fully sprouts
Strain: Samsara seeds Crazy Miss Hyde feminized.
Bucket: 28 liter bucket
Soil: No idea, Some decent soil we’ve used for other plants before mixed with sand for drainage.
Nutrients: Dutch Master One Grow Solution and Dutch Master One Flower solution
Additives: Super thrive

To start with This is a semi outdoor grow.
I was originally going to do a totally indoor grow, but due to Bills and such I cannot get a damned carbon filter just yet. So what I’m doing is veging my lady under a 400 watt hps for 4 weeks or so and then stick it outside to bud as here in Australia the budding season hasn’t started just yet.

I’ll get some photos up once it has fully sprouted and I have it under lights.
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  • crazy miss hyde strain
  • superthrive cannabis soil

  • superthrive cannabis soil


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