Spirulina as a fertilizer

  • 24. February 2012
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Anyone else trying this? I bought a small amount of bulk spirulina from rose mountain ( I should buy stock in that place) and have used it a handfull of times in my last two cycles. It’s blue green algae dried into a dark green powder that dissolves quickly in water.

Anyway I’m having monster stretches in early flower, big yields yada yada, and I think spirulina might be at least partly responsible. I’m not sure if it is worth the price to use this as a regular fertilizer due to cost plus you have to source spirulina from a clean place because it picks up heavy metals. BTW I read that part is better now days.

It is mostly protein and after I read microbes are also mostly protein that somehow lead me to try it. It is also loaded in nutrients and vitamins and is sometimes called a super food.

I have not found a lot of science on using it as a fert, but here is one interesting study for y’all…..MIW

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