Need more nute info on growing lowryder 2 with ebb and flow

  • 25. February 2012
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Thank you ahead of time for your feedback!

I am looking to grow a few LR#2 Fem autoflowers with an ebb and flow..I was wondering if anyone had a good feeding regiment as far as nutes go. I do not want to overfeed and stunt my plants. i am a novice grower but am new to autoflowers and have read/heard varying stories.. I know everyone is sick of hearing the constant questions about these strains and some think that they are inferior and a waste of time. Regardless, I was hoping someone could offer insight from there hydroponic experience that would save me some time and heartache with this strain.

Best nutes to use?
Best PPM?
Best PH?
Best feeding regiment per age of plant?

Thank you kindly!
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  • lowryder 2 zbiory
  • lowryder skörd
  • lowrydersxolia
  • καλλιεργεια χασις lowryder

  • lowrydersxolia
  • καλλιεργεια χασις lowryder
  • lowryder 2 zbiory


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