Help please with Seedling looks like burn or mold?


Hey Guys,

This is my plant, up until last night, she was looking healthy. Now when i got home the leaves had slightly curled up and there is Brown blotches on the leaves.

This plant was outdoors, then i moved it in doors 2 days ago under a 90W UFO light in grow tent, I have left it around 8-9 inches from the light. I feel no heat when putting my hand in front of it, so not sure if to close is an issue.

I have kept the soil most and watered every 2 days until some water comes out bottom of pot. When putting under light, I gave plant some seasol and some thrive, but only a tiny amount. I also topped the plant really early, but it was coming back as you can see some sprouts from the top.

Here are pics , please help determine what could cause these brown spots. Soil PH is 6.5.

I have flushed it now with water and removed from light, please help me decide what I can possibly do to help. It’s in a 0.8m x 0.8m growtent.

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