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A Hydrofarm Jumpstart T5 system… My goal for this is to start my seedlings and transplant them outdoors when they are ready. A few questions though, I will be germinating my seeds and then putting them into a SOLO cup or a real tiny pot. Once it is in the pot… how long should I keep the light on it for…. 20 hours on and 4 hours off? Also, how do I know when to transplant it to the outdoors? When the roots are about to grow out of the cup? Also, I picked up Roots Organic 707 soil from my local gardening store and the employee recommended me starting the seedlings right in the 707. He told me that it will not burn the plant and it will be fine. also, he mentioned that it will be easiest to transplant that way since it will be traveling to the same soil but just a different pot size. I plan on finishing in a 15-20 Gallon pot outside. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you :smoke:
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  • how many plants under 400w hps

  • how many plants under 400w hps


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