I am Yep.

From Orange County CA.
I’m interested in becoming involved in our new MMJ industry.
I’m looking to find a place/dispensary to start from the bottom and over
the next couple years. I’m looking to leave my career and follow my passion.

Ive done a few grows over the years. Currently doing a 25 plant 2 wave grow.
Organic Soil grows…( DJ short Grape Crush/Sour Diesel/Super silver haze). Did Very Well.. Learned a few things/ need to learn more… I’m going to become a partner in our MMJ community and contribute to its growth over the coming years.
Passion for what we do in life leads to success no matter what your payed.
Tho paying the bills sure makes it easier to focus.
Then there’s my journal:…-sog-seed.html

With that I say Hello and nice ta meet ya. PeAcE.

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