1st bagseed micro grow, ghetto set-up


Supppp people. I guess I’ll start one of these journals so ya’ll can folllow along with me. A disclaimer: this might be the most ghetto set-up you’ve seen but hey, whatever. I’m in college. Ive got the hook-up in case my project fails. Bite me.

So when I started growing, I used a seed-starting mix in a 6×6 germination container as shown here:

After I got back from the weekend (spring break) i saw this:

Day one baby. One problem: I was poorly prepared. All I had was one low watt fluorescent that was the wrong color spectrum too. I had spent all my money on spring break so I would have to wait.

After they sprouted (about 2 or 3 days) I cut out the best looking one and put it in a pot. At first I left the other two for dead, then I thought, why not? A little extra ganja never hurt nobody. I cut up some Ron Carlos rum bottles I had lying around from some bad times and voila:


Then I eventually came up with a plan: 2 plants in the closet (got the right bulbs) and one on the window sill just to experiment.

Compared to everyone elses, mine seem to be growing slow. I’ve attributed this to the wrong lights at the beginning so from now on, I just subtract 3 days from the actual days since that’s how long it took me to buy those expensive lights!

Anyways…prepare for ghetto setup


Yeah it’s ghetto. Thanks.

And now…


After this, I decided the stems are way too long. I read on another thread to keep them covered by an "anthill" of soil…so I did.



This one looks like it’s doing alot better than the other two.


Also, I normally just cut out the biodegradable unit from the seed starters and planted that in the new soil, but for this one ^^^ I cut away the paper and put the seedling in the soil by itself. The other two still have the paper and the seed starting mix around them. I read that seed starter has like no nutrients so I was like…experiment!

Also moved lights closer.

Aaaaand I’ll keep this more organized and updated as I go! Thanks.

To recap:
3 bagseed seedlings:

– 2 closet seedlings under 2 Daylight 100W bulbs, 18/6 light cycle
–1 planted right in soil
–1 in seed starting jiffy unit

– 1 windowsill seedling under regular sunlight cycle

– 1 fan
– No nutes yet, just seed jiffy seed starter and Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting mix

Any comments??

All photos taken with my iPhone.
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  • micro bagseed journal
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