M3 Michigan Made Mix (Soil) – Nutes Unnecessary?


(This was posted in another forum and posted here after it was recommended an organic section may be more knowledgeable in this regard — cliffnotes at the end for lazy readers 🙂 )

Heyo GC . I was in my local hydro shop yesterday asking a few specific questions when the conversation turned to nutrients. I was told by the owner (who did seem to be one of the more knowledgeable hydro shop owners I’ve met) that a soil called M3 Michigan Mad Mix is cheaper than Fox Farm Ocean Forest and it does not need nutrients at all (or least for a while).

Knowing about Miracle Grow, I asked if my plants would get nute burn. He said only if they are absolute seedlings or new clones. He said three week old plants should be transplanted into it and the nutrients are strong enough to carry a plant all the way through vegging, and come time for flowering, all I need to add is bat guano and keep the ph proper.

A quick bit of research online yields almost nothing. Some people say they absolutely love it, though nobody has written a full review of any kind. Has anybody tried this soil? Even if you haven’t, what do you think about his claims that the nutrients required are minimal? This is my first grow and I wouldn’t mind a smaller yield if it means significantly lower start up costs and less stress over nutrient burn, feeding schedules, etc.

Cliffnotes: My plan is to use plain potting soil for my seedlings for three weeks, transplant them into a soil labelled as 15-33-38 under a 400W MH, then flower them under a 400W HPS using bat guano as the only additional fertilizer. Critiques or comments?

Thanks all :)!

Also, here’s a pic from their Facebook:

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