Semi-veteran BHO maker having low yield issues


Hey guys hows it growing??

So ive got more than my fair share of trim and smalls that ive been blowing for a while. started like everyone else ending up with over cooked hard amber glass that, got you high as fuck, but still sizzled and wasnt whipped. After the last 6 months of messing around, buying new blowers, learning how to whip, buying a vac purger… Ive been blowing IMO amazingly stable budder white play-doe, thats smokes super smooth…

BUT as I look around here / other sources I hear that people are getting like 15-20% returns sometimes even more?

I know i know its all about the product going in.. but are these kids full of shit? or blowing top buds? or am I just doing something wrong because the highest Ive evr pulled was around 7-10% normally its more like 5%.

I have both 1 200g single blower that I run 4 cans through, and also have 2 66gx3tubs (so 6 total 66g tubs) that Ive tried running side by side… stilll undecided on which is better… I run gas till it drips white… I whip a little on low heat and then vac x3 or 4 whip a little more….

I seem to end up with 4.5 – 8 grams of finished product…. off a 200g tube… granted I havent weighted the trim before to see how much it actually holds but its the Xtractionexperts 200g blower it says right on it.

So Idk what the hell is going on… I dont wanna waste any more trim untill I get this figured out.. Any tips or tricks are welcome :wave:

Jah Bless
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  • bho yield from 1/8
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