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Alright grasscity, hunger games is out. I read the books, thought they were decent, easy reads. With all the hype for the movie, i went to go see it with fairly high expectations, and heres what i thought…


I thought overall the movie was a decent show, but definitely could have been better. The actual game itself was exciting and all, but it lacked a lot of side details imo.

One of the biggest problems i had was with the way they portrayed haymitch. He was supposed to be a raging alcoholic, a symbol of how shitty the games are, yet they hardly even touched on the fact that he was a former tribute and champion. He was way too nice to katniss, and too clean.

Another thing was the capitol. They kinda gave the capitol a nice happy image and failed to show the darker side of it. What about the servants with their tongues cut out? The only people you really have to base your image of the capitol upon is cinna and the show host ceasar or w/e. The only person that really seemed bad was the gamemaker who ended locked up in the end.

Last thing i wanna rant about is katniss and peeta. Wtf…? It was too simple, peeta confessed his love and katniss returned it. Didnt even touch on the fact that katniss was faking everything, makes me wonder if theyre going to cut that part out entirely?

The game itself was done pretty well though, i thought they did a decent job compressing it into a couple hours the best they could. But all the other details it lacked kinda made it seem sorta shallow and typical. You know, lots of action, some romance, a couple sad emotional scenes, and a big twist at the end :rolleyes:. i would imagine that for someone who doesnt have the book to compare it to, the movie would seems a little generic and lame. Without those details it felt like it didnt need a sequel, and it could just end there. Peeta and katniss were happy, and i felt little emotion towards the capitol, almost forgot that they were supposed to be evil and shit.

Anyways, theres my thoughts, sorry bout ranting a bit. Overall, id say its a good movie and worth watching. But the shallowness and generic sort of feeling it gave really disappointed me, i give it a 6.5/10. If you havent read the books, i reccomend you dont read it before the movie, sorta ruins it.

So, people who have seen it what did you think? Give it a rating, id like to see what the overall feeling is.

Good movie, weak in a lot of places. Worth a watch if you’ve got the time.
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