Rules to Never Get Busted


If you only follow these rules really good,it’s nearly impossible to get busted by the cop’s.;)

Never leave your place of residence with your ganja. I realize that for those who do not grow its impossible to not have mary in your car because chances are you have to drive to pick up. Have a safe place in your car to stash your stash(behind air vents, under your front or rear bumper.

Remember that (only registered users can se the link, login or register) is illegal and state laws vary in every state. Know the laws against (only registered users can se the link, login or register) and take the time to brush up on laws regarding prosecution and possible "get-out-of-jail-free" passes. A smart stoner is a safe stoner. Know your rights.

Keep your mouth shut. You never know who the person your talking to might accidentally or purposely repeat things to.

In regards to growing, never purchase growing supplies via credit/debit cards. Leave no paper trail and no assumptions can be made as to what your buying.

Text messaging your dealer is not a good idea, ever. Call him and use slang/code to say what you want. People have been caught because of texting there dealers, even dealers have been caught.

Smoke before you go out not during. Doing this is a simple way of reducing yet another factor to getting caught. If you really feel the need to do this, then ventilate your vehicle thoroughly.

7. If you go out try not to smell like weed. Do an air out of your car, spray perfume/cologne, chew gum/mints, etc. Cops are trained to detect smells and as you know, (only registered users can se the link, login or register) isnt exactly what febreeze looks for in fresh scents.

8. Be aware of your surroundings. While driving, at home, out with friends, etc. Know whos behind you(driving), know who lives next to you(in regards to smoking/growing-indoors,outdoors) and know who is around you(at parties, when with friends, when out). People are busy-bodies. All it takes is for someone to over hear you and tell the law.

In the event that you are pulled over and asked questions regarding to substances, deny everything. You are a perfect sunflower and you dont know whats going on. "No officer, I dont smoke (only registered users can se the link, login or register). I have asthma.

Never break your weed up into separate(individual) baggies. Only ever break your buds up when your toking or when you make that sale. If you are arrested and a cop sees that you have these separate baggies, even if you dont intend to sell(some people break up buds to keep track of consumption), they will charge you with the intent to sell. Fines and penalties are much more severe in the majority of states.

Never stash your scale with your buds and never carry and scale with you in your vehicle. Police will charge you with the intent to sell if they find a scale/buds even if buds arent in individual baggies.

Selling out of your residence at your own risk. The last thing you wanna do is have someone that only knows you because of dealing know where you live. People will and can fuck your shit up. It only takes one crazy person to come into your house and steal your stash/supplies/cash/anything.

"If caught privately but red-handed by someone, like a boss, finish taking your hit, then look him/her in the eye and, with that breath-held grunt, offer them a hit. This only happened to me once, and when I did what I did, the boss waved it off and said "nah, I seen what that shit done to people in Viet Nam" to which I replied, "I was in Viet Nam". He turned around and whimpered back inside . . . never came up again."

When picking up: If your picking up indoors then always make sure to walk in with something(ie: small box, backpack, gift box, opaque drinking container-empty) to make it less obvious that you just picked up a fat sac. If picking up at a random outside location make sure to great the dealer like there your friend. Talk to them for a bit to make it less obvious. The golden rule of outdoor pick ups is to place one hand(in a fist) in there vehicle with the money. Once dealer has money chat with him a little longer as he hands you the sac. Always pick the sac up with the same hand thats already in the vehicle. As you turn to walk away turn so that the hand with the sac is against the vehicle as you slip it into there pocket.

Alway’s try to keep weed between yourself.Don’t go all around the city smoking/talking about it with friend’s.

If you have the option, smoke marijuana in the privacy of your home rather than on the road. When driving, you are more visible and have less protection against search and seizure.

Never keep drugs in the glove box of your car. The second thing an officer wants to see, after a driver’s license, is vehicle registration, which is usually kept in the glove box. The officer’s eyes and flashlight will often inspect the glove box as it is opened, and he’ll be looking for drugs.

Do not leave roaches in your car’s ashtray. If open, this is one of the first places any officer will look if he suspects that you are a drug user.

Another good place to keep drugs is inside a common object that most people would never suspect of being a container for drugs, like a toothbrush case, a soap case or a make-up compact.

Avoid carrying marijuana in a car or in public if you are drinking. The breath and lack of coordination of a person drinking alcohol is noticeable, and may catch the attention of police.

When carrying marijuana in a car, obey all traffic laws to avoid being stopped by police. Don’t speed, run stop signs, or weave in the road.

Make sure all headlights, taillights, brake lights and signal lights on your car are in working order. Carrying cannabis in a car with a busted headlight is a good way for being arrested for violation of a light law and possession of marijuana.

Your license plate and other local requirements, such as inspection stickers, should be up to date to avoid any untimely traffic stops.

If you are in possession of marijuana in public while intoxicated, be careful not to appear that way.

While in possession of cannabis, avoid any potential disturbance of the peace, or other situations that police could be called to resolve.

Never carry marijuana into a place of business. If you are suspected of shoplifting, you could be subjected to a search.

When in possession of marijuana, be polite to police officers. They consider attitude to be very important, and that would be no time to make a bad impression.

Don’t wear drug related messages on tee shirts or bumper stickers when carrying marijuana. It’s not good advertising and could be construed as probably cause to suspect the presence of drugs.

Keep all contraband and paraphernalia in one place, whether driving or at home. If you are ever searched you should have only one place to worry about.

Avoid carrying more than one bag of marijuana. If you are arrested for two small bags of pot, you can be charge with possession for resale [a felony], even if the combined weight of the bags is within the range of a misdemeanor. Also, avoid carrying more than one type of drug. If busted, it would mean two charges instead of one.

Avoid carrying weapons or other potentially illegal items where they can be observed when in possession of marijuana. An officer who spots your weapon will have probable cause to search further, and may find your cannabis.

If you live in a dormitory, apartment or any situation in which marijuana smoke can be a problem, consider buying an air purifier.

When going out, carry only what marijuana you need. A small amount is easier to conceal, and if busted, it will put you in a better bargaining position.

Never give police consent to search if you are carrying marijuana. If they ask you for permission to search, it usually means they realize that they don’t have a right to make the search without your consent. Many attorneys advise not to give consent, even if you are clean. It is a bad precedent.

Even in the privacy of your own home, avoid leaving roaches in ashtrays or other bits of evidence in open view.

In deciding where to keep your stash, consider that, if you are arrested, police have the right to search the area in which you can reach, jump, or crawl without a search warrant, even in the privacy of your home.
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