Duct fan… LOUD!


Hey all, long time lurker and rare poster asking for my fellow blade’s advice,

I installed a 4" duct fan in my cabinet today, with a 4" flange. Works great, constant temp of about 82f and humidity in the 30% range. HOWEVER the fan is a bit loud, not in itself, but the vibration it creates from the fan, into the flange, and through the fiberboard is quite annoying. More of a low hum than loud, but definitely annoying.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can reduce this? I’m thinking I could reinstall the flange with a thing layer of silicone on the mating surface, and around the hole I made in the cabinet with hopes of negating that vibration travel. Also, does anyone have any recommendations on how to hang/mount the 4" fan? Right now it is supporting itself by the flange, which works, but is definitely contributing to that nuisance vibration.

Any helpful ideas are much appreciated,

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  • kanavapuhallin

  • kanavapuhallin


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