Afghan kush Ryder’s outdoor vs indoor


So I just started what I plan to be an outdoor vs indoor grow with some Afghan Kush Ryder’s. For fun I’m also growing a freebie auto; Hobbit. I have more planed for my outdoor grow this year but this journal will focus mainly on the autos.

Afghan Kush Ryder x 2
Hobbit x 1

Afghan Kush Ryder x 1

I know the numbers are not even but I wanted one indoors for comparison. So far on Apr 7 I soaked for 24 hrs in cup of tap water. I then transferred to wet paper towels that I kept in a dark cool place. Within 24 hrs I had taproots so I planted in some recycled happy frog soil that I amended with bat guano, blood and bone meal. I should break the soil any time now. The plan is to keep then indoors for at least a few weeks before they are moved outside. I still need to fence off my yard from my dogs and build a new fence with neighbor. I will do my best to keep everyone updated. This will be my first auto grow and second try at outdoor. My first was a disaster but I’ve learned a ton in a year. The plan is to keep the garden mainly organic. I will be using earth juice nutes, bone and blood meals, bat poop. The package the seeds came in claim larger yields indoor but I think I would be outdoors.
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