New grow! Lowryder X White Widow!


so I just got my 4 seeds in. they are a lowryder X White Widow cross. Ive wanted to try, and grow white widow for a while now. but could never get the seeds or any bud.

but today I finally acquired 4 seeds! Im closet growing them, stealthy! I want to grow 2, and I pray i get a male and a female so that i can produce more seeds, since cloning this plant is impractical, because from what I under stand lowryder will make it auto flower and be done in 2 months.

If i get 2 males.. ill just be collecting the pollen, 2 females… harvest the buds, but i really hope for 1 of each gender lol.

I’m just about to germinate them, and get their starting cups ready.

I will be using basic potting soil, in red cups, under CFL’s i will transplant into a bit bigger pot in a couple weeks when the plants are going. I plan to do a little LST…. not sure if ill top them this time…

I’m trying to do this on a low budget, with materials from walmart!

any questions, comments, suggestions very welcome.

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  • supe lemon haze nutrimento npk
  • lowryder white widow cross

  • supe lemon haze nutrimento npk
  • גידול white widow
  • lowryder white widow cross


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