We are temporary arrangements of atoms


Consider this:
You – your hands, your skin, your heart, even your brain – are entirely made up of atoms that have been in existence for all of time. We are temporary arrangements of atoms that will, before too long, lose this form and rearrange themselves into something else.

This way of looking at things can seem to belittle our existence. We humans like to believe in this "soul" that lives on beyond our current form, and the atomic perspective might seem to contradict that thought.

Personally, I like to think that the soul does exist, but not in the traditional form I grew up being taught about in a loosely Christian family. Instead, I like to think that the soul is the value, the life, the energy, effort, feeling, and thought that results from these beautiful arrangements. It’s the intangible that we cling most tightly to, as if there is a deeper layer to this existence and that is our link.

My atomic arrangement will remain relatively stable for a few more revolutions around the sun, and I will make the most of the intangibles, that I might go into that deepest sleep in comfort as my atoms disassemble and flow back into the cyclical pattern of life.

These are the basics to which so many of our greatest considerations can be tied. From reincarnation, to the life after this, to the unity felt amongst the inhabitants of our planet.

In essence, we are simply borrowing all that we are from what is around us until we break back down into the same components from which we came. Decide what that means to you.
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