Veg time before flower/ blue dream and ak-47


Well hi everyone, just started cultivating again and was lookin for some advise. I’m am new to this forum, well at least more than just reading the posts.

Im running a 1000w switchable digital ballast on a light mover in about a 8×5 room. Temp’s stay between 72-82, with humidity staying mostly around 45, but can dip down to 35 rarly and up to 55. I am one of the unlucky few that actually have to worry about getting more humidity in my room. Any advise on that too is greatly appreciated.

I have 6 ak-47’s and a blue dream. The AK is about 2 1/2 weeks old and the blue dream at 4 weeks. Yea yea, I got over anxious. Anyway my blue dream is getting big and was wondering what you guys/gals would think is to early to flower and how long can you procrastinate.
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