Take "recovery" and shove it.


So I’m in fuckin drug court and have been sober for 3 months I still have 9 more to go and they keep pushing all this therapy bullshit and these NA and AA meetings like Im at risk of relapsing wtf…i stopped when the program started and haven’t done anything to make anyone think that. I guess its a news flash to them, but I actually care about keeping a felony off of my record a lot more then getting high…

I’m grouped with complete junkies who have the "a drug is a drug" mentality and i feel like its more of a grudge they hold because most pot smokers don’t go to extremes that other addicts will and quitting is easy because the withdrawal symptoms are minor. It’s addictive, yes, I’m not denying that, but I am saying and speaking as a matter of fact when I say: "it can wait."

I cant believe i have to, but i know I can handle 9 more months of this bullshit. Its so sheepish, they read out of the 12 step book and the NA book as if it was the bible, asking questions that should be open to interpretation, yet somehow mine or your answer is wrong "according to the book"…fuck me…to all those in conservative states please remember that the justice system is fucked and all but encourages its affiliates to not know the difference between a crackhead and pothead.
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