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Subject: small closet Strains
Posted: 25April2012 at 17:42

Hello I need advice on choosing strains. I’m a newbie on this matter, and I plan to start growing middle of May.
– Indoor (60cm*80cm*100cm)
-Lighting still not sure, but maybe CFL is the best for a small space like this
-I plan on growing 4 plants at the same time, but I would like to aim to 2 diferent strains, one more couchy and other more gigling/cerebral ( I know that this more a effect of sativas strains/outdoor strains)
– I would like to collect the buds in august (3months from seed to harvest) and with a good yield

I’ve tried to make a shorlist from diferent seed banks, just by reading the description, maybe you can help me making this list shorter or advise me other strains.

cali Orange bud
Cali Indica
White Ice
America Dream
shiva skunk
Cream Caramel
Moham Rahim
Pure Power Plant
Tangerine Dream
Afghani #1
Mother’s finest
White Rhino

Thank you all for your help

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  • rdwc cyco nutes grasscity
  • garderob stam

  • garderob stam
  • rdwc cyco nutes grasscity


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