Outdoor Grow Diaries : Jabberwocky 52


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Subject: Jabberwocky 52
Posted: 27April2012 at 18:05

Well growers/smokers/enthusiasts its that time of year again

time to try my luck in the great outdoors with our favorite plant

this season i’ve gone with a freezeland/friesland bx(boreal genetics)& iranian autoflower(Dr greenthumb) also two plants that germinated in one of my raised veg beds at the beginning of april that i think are Shiva Shanti but to be honest

could be anything, hhhanyway all will be grown as organically as possible(because thats the way i like it lol)

Heres the breeder info

Freeze Mix

Expect productive plants that give potent and piney buds.

Freezeland 2bx X Freezeland bx F2

Mostly Indica

Outdoor (Harvest Mid to End September 45 Days)

Iranian autoflower

Finished height   18″ – 30″

Yield             100 to 300 g

Finish            June! July!August!

Frost Resistance -Excellent

And here are the freezeland & the two unknowns

the iranians are indoors vegging under 24hr light

until they reach 12″-15″ in height

Wishing all northern outdoor growers

Good luck & weather
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