Indoor Growing : Leverson get’s stormed


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Subject: Leverson get's stormed
Posted: 28May2012 at 17:17

yeah its a tricky one, the guy was shouting that blair was getting paid 6,000,000 a year and still is but they then dealt with it the same way as they always do, by ejecting him from the room and treating the guy like he has mental problems.

its pretty much the same response that anyone without a celebrity background or political ties gets.  ignore him he is nuts.

how many times have we heard that? but what if just one of the various accusations were true..

the world that has been created around us is abhorrent, where its normal for 1% of the earths population to own 95% of the wealth and no one bats an eyelid..  we have all been brainwashed since birth.

fuck this, pass me a joint. %3ceed%20leaf

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  • innovation wiet growing 2012


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