Depression Rapid Cycling Bipolar Type 1 (Manic Depression) and CBD


I wanted to share these two links, they are outgoing links to two pieces of research I have found. Both with references. I do not feel that these pieces are biased.

They talk about out friend, Cannabidiol.
(only registered users can se the link, login or register) This one is a PDF File, well der. The extension is .pdf… lol

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) this is also a .pdf Thought I think you can get CBD in Indica’s as well. So I think they are mis-informed when they say CBD as a Sativa constituent.

Now, I have given you this information. If you have more information, more thorough information, more concise information, from anywhere in the entire world, translated into English, or able to be translated, I want it, I need it.

I suffer from Ultradian Bipolar. My mood swings are horrendous. I’ve been off of anti depressants for about a month and a half now, and I’m on a low level mood stabilizer. I was taking a common anti psychotic in the hospital back in April, but I can’t handle it. It causes a lot of eating, and cold raise my cholesterol and blood sugar.

Pharmacology speaking, I’m more interested in learning what chemicals in my brain are off and what to target. We are pretty sure I can’t have anti depressants or benzos. I have reacted badly to other anti psychotics such as seroquel. And I, being a person who wants the most effective treatment with the least amount of medication, am wary of taking things like other certain anti psychotics and long-standing mood stabilizers known to cause weight gain or kidney/thyroid damage.

I have a bit of psychosis with my manic phases. I’ve never really had full mania before, always having been treated with anti depressants. And so this time, I’ve heard voices, I’ve seen things, and I’ve had paranoia. Yes, you can have those things, even if you’re not schizophrenic. I’d really appreciate it if only people who are well informed on this topic reply and offer me advice/links.

I am well educated myself, but I really need help here. I’m locked into mental health and social services while being on SSI. I want to educate about and advocate for the proper use and dosing of medicinal cannabis. If I can get the right information about CBD as an antipsychotic for use in Bipolar Disorder, I can make it easier on other patients who see the same providers I do.

DSHS won’t cover a new proprietary antipsychotic/mood stabilizer that came out last year, but yet I can’t get patient assistance for the drug because I’m on Medicaid. It’s over 550 dollars, I think that is what the pharmacist said. I only get 698 a month. + some food stamps. I can’t afford that. I never will be able to.

So I would rather pay 13/g and pre-roll joints, or invest in a little vape and use CBD to at least curb mania.

I would like to leave this open for discussion and gather information with you guys and try to sort things out. I’m having such a hard time. If you know anything about Ultradian Bipolar (Rapid Cycling Bipolar) Type 1, you understand…

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  • cbd as mood stabilizer
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