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A quick guide to indoor security.

Some growers believe that a stockpile of weapons will lend them some sort of security or peace of mind. Its an ironic situation, given that cannabis use is generally associated with sharing, friends and peace activists.

The true geniuses of grow out there know that people only turn to weapons because they have not yet figured out how to use their intellect to keep themselves out of trouble. The dan­gers of grow-op security are, in fact, highly predictable: smells, sounds and vibrations, bright light, unexpected intrusions, heat signatures, etc. Court cases detailing grow-op busts start to sound repetitive after reading only a handful of court docu­ments. Growers should not be surprised when these issues turn into problems; they are just as much a part of cultivation as knowing how to grow plants. Strategically speaking, space and system designs should ideally prevent these potential prob­lems. We, as growers, should formulate a plan in advance that puts intruders into a more defensive position.

With a little bit of foresight and education, we can convince the grow community to completely abandon guns. And, over time, this can force judges, law enforcement and the public to re­alize that there is nothing inherent in cannabis itself that leads to violence. There are a lot of excellent examples of law-enforce­ment officers who have come to realize that the marijuana in­dustry is largely filled with good, honest people (Barry Coopers Never Get Busted is a prime example). We don’t have to wait for legalization to demonstrate that cannabis and violence have nothing to do with one another. All we have to do is start using our heads to proactively resolve these threats in a manner that will always lead to a favorable conclusion for the grower.

About Air

Air is an essential component in every indoor garden for all the ob­vious reasons. Cannabis plants need air just as much as humans—a plant’s leaves “breathe” in CO2 during the daytime, while its roots take in oxygen at night. Fresh air is necessary to supply adequate amounts of both for the plant’s optimal development.

But another reason, almost every bit as important, is that by controlling the air in your growroom’s atmosphere, you can also control the odors associated with growing potent marijuana. Proper air exchanges and smart ventilation mean that odors won’t build up and cause your home or workspace to reek like ganja. A well-ventilated garden will not only keep your plants happy, but it will keep you and your garden safe!


Proper air exchanges in an indoor grow op are a frequently over­looked aspect of setting up a grow space. While growers tend to focus on temperature problems and quick fixes like AC units and light-cooling methods, we sometimes fail to remember it can be a lot simpler—and more beneficial for your garden (and your electric bill!)—to properly ventilate your growroom. It will not only have lower temperatures as a result, but fewer issues with humidity, mold, pests and diseases as well.

However, a lot of growers fear over-exhausting a growroom because of concerns with venting the garden’s pungent odors as well. No one wants the neighbors or random passersby catching a whiff of your secret stash. But a mounted exhaust fan set up to vent outside is actually the first step in cannabis-odor control.

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