hold your breath while you read this


An eager student approached an accomplished Master and asked him:

"Master, how do I become wise like you?"

The Master watched the student’s face, but didn’t say anything. He motioned for the young man to follow him towards the beach.

"Come with me into the water."

Expecting something magical to happen, the young man didn’t hesitate in following him into the cold waters.

When the student came near the Master, the Master immediately grabbed the young man and pushed him under the water. Being held under the cold water, struggling for and desperately wanting air, he fought to get to the surface with every last ounce of his strength.

Finally, the Master let him surface and the young man, gasping for air, almost attacked his Master, until his Master lifted his chest and said to him:

"When you constantly desire for knowledge, just the same as you desired for that one single breath while you were underneath the water, only then will you become wise like me."

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