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Hello grass city community, I think this will only be my second post. The other post I made a while back didn’t receive any kind of attention so I’m hoping this one will and I can get some solid advice from experienced growers.

I’m a college student who is going to be moving out this fall into his own apartment and I want to plan and indoor grow, preferably into DIY cabinet grow boxes that can maximize yield. Actually I want to implement a continuous harvest method using clones from one or a few mother plants, I saw a post on these forums about doing exactly that. And according to information I’ve seen here and else where, clones if properly matured can be put directly into flowering, minimizing the time to harvest.

want to construct two different grow cabinets, each split into two compartments, giving me four growing areas. I want to utilize the best of all the indoor growing techniques and tools which is why I’m posting in aeroponics. I saw a post today about foggers, which I didn’t even know was a method of nutrient delivery. I want to know a couple different things before attempting this build:

1) If planting from clones and cutting off lower growth producing one massive top cola, what is the recommended spacing between clones?
2) For a medium (2-3ft*4ft*6-7ft) sized grow cabinet, what is that appropriate lighting requirements? Remember the cab will be split into two compartments.
3)What should i be looking at as far as yields go? Using SOG or SCROG i have seen widely varying opinions on expected yields. I’ve seen as little as a few ounces to reports in the pounds if done correctly.
4)Best strains to maximize such environment and space requirements?

Im sure there are other things I would like answers to but I think that’s a good base of questions to start with. Please I would love some input from experience hydro growers :smoke:

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