Check out my new workout routine Plus my modified way for calories/protein


I am going to get back up at my old weight so here is the old school work out plan(20 rep squats+milk) that I’ll be doing. Nutrition wise I’m good to go as I’ll eat like I use to!

Here is my modified way for calories. This work out calls for you to drink a gallon of milk a day which is no problem for me as I love milk. But the problem is where I’m at that gallon would cost $6.25 and that would add up fast! I bought some powdered milk b/c of the cost and it has almost the same nutritional value. What I do is mix a ratio that should be enough for 4 glasses of milk in 1 glass of water. That one easy to drink cup is packed with nutrients.
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Monday and Saturday

Squat: 1×20 add 5lbs each workout day
Light weight Pull-Overs: 1×20 for stretching rib cage
Pull ups, Dips, Sit-ups in a circuit up to failure and start over at one again
Circuit 1: 1 Pull Up, 2 Dips, 3 sit ups
Circuit 2: 2 Pull ups, 4 dips, 6 sit ups
Circuit 3: 3 Pull Ups, 6 Dips, 9 sit up
Circuit 4: 4 Pull Ups, 8 dips, 12 sit ups and so on until failure then start over at 1 Pull up, 2 Dips and 3 Sit ups
Arnold press: 3×12
Squat: 1×20
Pull-Overs: 1×20
Bench Press: 3×12
Bent-over Rows: 3×15
Stiff-legged Deadlift: 1×15
Shrug: 1×15
Pull-Overs: 1×20

On an off day or two I will be swiming/surfing for cardio.

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