Over or under fertilization. Please help!!!


Hello Gc. I have a group have clones who have been rooted for a couple weeks now. After they rooted I started feeding them 1/4 strength doses of fox farms grow big ferts. Which I have used for years. I am also using their organic soil line. I have a constant fungas Knat issue where I’m at in so cal. Unless I use sand on top as well. But my plants have been starting to yellow at the bottom and rest if plant turning pale green a bit. My ph is perfect at 6.5 as well. So it’s either one of three things. Too much ferts. Too little ferts. Or too much watering. They are in 1.5 gal 8 inch pots. But since the sand is on top. I only water once a week. It stays moist for ever. And takes forever to dry up. Even after 5-7 days. Still is pretty moist under the sand at soil level. Please help guys. Don’t want to lose my clones. Won’t let me upload pics wtf

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