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  • 1. September 2012
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Subject: not really a diary, but Pure Power Plant, really!
Posted: 01September2012 at 13:12

cheers Ganja!
yeah, i’ve been a lil’ too lazy lately to keep a real diary… 🙂

anyways, 2 days ago i harvested the “leaning plant”, the one who showed herself as the fastest since the beginning. i could have kept her longer, but i was finishing the delicious shiva of may and mine is a “subsistance garden”! 🙂

here’s a nice big cola from this plant, already cured, almost dried (about 3 more days i think):

i cut her at day 52 of flowering (counted from when the first flowers appeared). really excited to taste it!
i’ve already taken a test nug… the flavor isn’t there yet, but man, it sure was strong!

inside the tent things are going nice except the super high temps. luckily this strong heat should be gone soon… 🙂
clones were transplanted in 6.5 l pots and went inside the tent as soon as i hervested that plant. they still have some weeks to go and are very short due to the fact that i flowered then at a very early stage and with a cfl bulb very close to the canopy.
here they are in a pic from a couple of weeks ago, still under the cfl:

now they are inside the tent, standing on a support to have a even canopy with the other two. they are fattening up their colas! now, do you guys think i should transplant the clones in the 11 liters pots as soon as i have space or should i keep ’em on these 6.5 l? i was kinda curious about the smaller pots… in the future i could try to grow more plants in smaller pots and this could be the occasion to experiment this possibility.
here they are, finally under the HPS!

the other two plants are getting fatter and fatter. i have to tie up almost every cola for they are bending down due to the colas’ weight… mmm gnammy! this is from week 7 of flowering… the right side is all one monster plant… the one i topped. the one in front is the “indica bush”:

they both have maybe one or 2 weeks left. trichs are almost all white… some clear, very few amber… we’ll see!
that’s all for now, thanks for reading!
best, al

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