Plant suddenly drooping ~ from upright and firm to everything sagging like a coat.

  • 3. September 2012
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I’m hoping the plant can recover and I’m guessing this is from shock (water temp).

Here’s the rundown.

My res has been quite hot, the air temp in the tent is 90f (31c) and the res was quite warm, as well as that it’s roots are yellowing and the water was grimy, so the put the plant in a empty container, cleaned out its res, added new tap water with nutes and ph adjusted, put it back in and went off.

Its been no more than 1 hour and i went to check on it and its literally standing up, with every single branch and leave drooping down its side.

I’m hoping it can recover from this, prior (when i was changing it) the leaves drooped a ‘tiny’ bit, from what i gather due to being out of the light for 10 minutes or so.

Will my baby live? Shes about 5 weeks old at most, getting her first growth node. Looks shocking.

Is this most likely from colder-water shock? Will she live?


Also any tips on keeping the res temp down would be great. Its a bubble bucket and i just moved the air pump outside the grow tent (very small tent, 40x40x80cm (WxLxH).

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