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  • 4. September 2012
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Hey everyone I haven’t started a thread in awhile but hi 😀
Alright so I was chilling on my bed in the nude watching entourage right? Ari goes on one of his hilariously intolerant rants and I start laughing… hard. Now my window was closed and so were my blinds. I hear "nice dick pussy" and I just freeze. I literally just laid there confused cause my blinds were closed. Turns out that since im in the basement like apartment if you are on the sidewalk and I have the blinds turned the wrong way you can see right in. So i grab a pillow and put it over my face like "Shame!" Then like 30 seconds later im like he still sees my dick! And grab another pillow. So im like Gahh oh shit after like two whole minutes of hiding behind my pillow. So I finally gather the courage to roll off of my bed and land on the pillows. sprint to my closet throw on clothes and run into my living room where my roommate is eating. I turn on saints row and show him the woody character I just made lol. (Its good. The face is dead on, and ragdoll is funny) well anyway after like 15 minutes of blowing up stilwater with a cartoon cowboy I head back into my room. Its about 10:30pm now. I see someone shining a flashlight into my blinds trying to keep seeing me. I hear someone say "white boy? Why you stop jerkin it?" And i whisper to my roommate to come but he doesn’t believe me cause im always fucking with him. So he’s like no dude its fine then we hear BANG! The kids through a tin can full of red landscaping rocks through my window shattered the glass broke the window frame, ripped the screen, and now the window wont lock. So my roommate being a vagina calls the cops and 45 minutes later my roommate gets a call that the cops are here and to go outside and meet them. After the cop left there were still mad people on the street and as I was opening my door to go back in I heard someone say "watch what happens when you call the cops white boy." So im laying on my bed that night and since the lock didn’t work they opened the window and tried to piss on me…. the next day during the day kids kept throwing garbage into my room which sucked cause my bed is under my window. Well sorry for the long post but I figured id share it. Sorry its all scrambled, im sleep deprived and its too early 😀 have a good day

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