My 14 year old sister gets more money than I do

  • 6. September 2012
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So yeah im 18 and on my last few weeks of living at home before I go to university but there is just one thing that really gets on my nerves… 14 year old sister actually gets given more money by my parents than i do. For example yesterday she got given 40 to go "buy some stuff for school". She comes back with a new top, a bag (schoolbag to be fair) a pack of fags (shes a rebel lol) and im pretty sure her and her friend are gonna be blazing today. I on the other hand ask for 20 today to go get some lightbulbs (i was gonna spend 10 on some bud and actually spend the rest on lightbulbs). This kind of thing happens all the time. Eg at the beginning of the month i got 100 and she got 140. This is despite the fact that I gave my parents 130 of my own money (that i got from working and relatives) last month to help out

Now i can understand that she is a girl and therefore it might be reasonable for her to get the same amount of money as me b/c she needs to buy makeup and more clothes. However she is 14 and that should be ALL she spends her money on. She shouldnt be buying drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

What pisses me off even more is that when i do get bud etc i always give some to my dad. Of course on the other hand i should have a more regular job (its like irregular labouring that i do). Anyway this post is just me venting my anger. Any thoughts are welcome

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