To re-veg or not re-veg…that is the question!

  • 6. September 2012
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So, I posted my system of cloning in another thread and I think it’s more than likely the way most people do this, or at least very close. Maybe a little more work than some put into it but I like to get my clones to root as quickly and as stress free as possible and it seems to me that this has been the best way I’ve found without using an autocloner. The steps went as follows.
1. Condition rockwool with phd water.
2. Cut clones (before flowering) from mother plant at 45 deg. Angle within an inch or so of a node.
3. Remove excess vegetation from cutting leaving top 2 (or 4 counting smaller leaves) leaves.
4. Cut larger leaves in half.
5. Remove small amount of outer curd from bottom of cuttings stem.
6. Soak in rooting solution (water if using powder) for 30 seconds or so (dip in powder if using powder)
7. Gently push cutting into rockwool cube.
8. Place clones out of direct light or in soft direct light.
9. Cover clones with whatever. I suggested using a seed starting kit with a top.
10. Air out clones for roughly an hr a day to avoid molding.

Now, I went into more detail In the other thread but this is the gist of it. The part that came under fire was the "before flowering" part. There was a pretty heated argument over wether or not to re-veg. Someone said that re-vegging was an absolutely viable way to keep genetics and someone else seemed to disagree to a point. The question, as far as I saw it at least, was if re-vegged plants grew the same and yielded the same as regularly cloned plants. Now, personally I don’t re-veg my plants unless it is absolutely neccisary because I’ve never had all that good of a result from doing so. And before someone yells at me for this I’m gona say that that’s why I’m starting this thread! I’m going to re-veg a strain and see what happens.. I’m gona post pics along the way. Let’s see if re-vegging is an ideal way to keep a strain alive. Any comments are welcomed but please keep it civil here, this is a learning thread and that’s it.

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