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  • 8. September 2012
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My situation is I go to high school. At the end of the day i have a 72 min long spare class where you do whatever you don’t go to any class. Unfortunately I take a bus home so i have to wait for school to end before leaving. That makes it very boring waiting around while all my friends are in class. So i need to be able to smoke up fast and not smell like weed.

My plan is to walk off school grounds obviously, smoke up chill on a bench outside with a couple non high friends until end of the school day. Then walk back quickly get on my bus and enjoy my ride home. Ps the bus driver is super chill and just don’t give a fuck.

I need a small smoking apparatus the i can conceal in a space no bigger than 7 cm. If you know of a eyedrop free way to get rid of red eyes that would help but its not that that important.:smoke:

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