Retail Hell – I Hate Work!!

  • 9. September 2012
  • Forum

I work at two different fast food restaurants, and I feel like shit. I just worked 4×14 hr combined days to pay for my grow lights.. my back feels like shit..

So sick of customers and the friendly ‘customer service’ crap you have to put on to every single one of them.. really feel like punching someone in the face after what I’ve just been through. I probably would have if I hadn’t smoke like a gram of sativa buds every morning :smoke: "Sorry about that, derp derp derp".. more like.. "fuck off cunt"..

I’m so sick of paying this inflated price of bud aswell, this government sucks 🙁

The general concept of work and the though I have to do it makes me sick, maybe life will be better when I finish college but even then I expect to work some lazy ass job where I sit around on a chair pressing buttons and getting fat, lol


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