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  • 10. September 2012
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Subject: Nutrient/EC RO
Posted: 10September2012 at 18:18

honestly none.

I did a load of reading on the net before I started to grow. A lot of people were recommending coco, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people have problems with soil, it seems like the young plants get way over fertilised, not on the experienced grows, but you see it all the time.

My biggest worry with coco, was people say it doesn’t taste as good as soil weed. I got some smoke off a friend who grows in soil and it did taste a lot better than anything i’d grown. I’ve got a cut that I grew in coco, been curing for a couple of months and it tastes the same.

I don’t keep clones so every grow i’ve done has been different strains, apart from one time with seedlings(ph meter not accurate), i’ve never had an issue what so ever.

People say you have to flush the plants every week/month whatever cause of salt build up, again I’ve never done this, never needed to.

Lock out – only had it in seedlings where my ph meter was about 0.4 out. As long as you have a ph meter your fine.

Ph instability, well you feed them every day/2 so you are constantly regulating the ph.

I make a feed for 13 plants and feed them in around 15mins.

You have a ph meter, 1 ltr of AnB is $12ish coco the same, give it a try, you may be surprised.
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