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  • 10. September 2012
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Ok so I’ve been buying larger amounts of weed the past two months or so then I used to and at least 5 times I’ve bought stuff from the same guy. He says he uses the same guy every time. The first time the weed was so pretty…super white on the outside, the most beautiful orange and white and green on the inside. It smelled like heaven. The next time it was good but not as good and each time seems to either be a little better then the last or a little shittier.

Last night I got hit off. He said he wanted us (me and my friend) to look at it first because it was "stringy." I don’t know what that means…I’ve never heard weed referred to as being "stringy" before but anyways–we got to his house and from looking at the bag on the outside it was fluffy and I could see orange hairs. So it looked promising. I opened up the bag and immediately smelled it. It smelled kind of like pine sol…definitely a little chemical smelling. Then I pulled out a bud and the stuff is indeed stringy…it’s not actual buds and it feels like–nothing, it’s very light. There were no crystals to be seen. My friend looked at it and he pointed out the fact that the weed was crystal-less and the dude selling it said, "that’s the first thing I said too man but then I smoked it and I got fucked up." Having smoked with this guy before a few times, I went took a chance and bought it. It had potential–looks can be deceiving, I’ve found this true with weed more than once.

My friend and I go home and immediately pack up a bong. He takes the first hit and after he exhaled I asked him what he thought. He didn’t say anything, just handed me the bong..I could tell by his face I wasn’t going to be impressed. I lit it and the weed sparked (anyone know why or have had it happen to them before?) and after I exhaled I tasted nothing. There was no taste. The smoke had a slight hint of weed to it but it wasn’t very thick. And after I hit it we each got two more–and it stayed cherried! And continued to spark with each hit. Also with the hits I took it burned my throat as I blew the smoke out.

My friend texted him right after saying we wanted our money back for this shit…hopefully it all works out for us today and returning it. BUT the real question is–has anyone come across anything like this before or have any ideas as to why the weed is like this? If it even is weed haha.

The only things I could really think of as an explanation are 1-it’s fake weed. 2-the plant was harvested too early. Or 3-it’s from a male plant.

Any help is appreciated!!

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  • is vanilla kush strain stringy

  • is vanilla kush strain stringy


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