Just had a DMT hit in my dream?

  • 11. September 2012
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Today I just had a DMT hit while dreaming (if your not familiar with DMT hit, its basically something your mind releases during birth or death moment). I learned about DMT after hearing from Joe Rogan on youtube. Basicaly I was gonna die in my dream due to some virus I was experiecing in my dream call Synthethic Cancer( 1 percent survival rate). I was going through my death experience in my dream, baiscally a dream within a dream. I was walking back my hospital bed and everything was super slow motion, the path to the hospital was blocked by a really dark corner, like its the end of the road. I realize if I walk through it, theres no way back. At the time, the mind was thinking I lost hope in this human world as I was experiencing some really bad hazing during my walk back to the hopistal. I decided to just give up and walk through the dark area. Then I started flying up and up and up. Its like I was flying up really high through space, then for some reason when I look down again, the surroundings are like on earth again. Everything was so dark, only light source was the moon but it was a bright moon. No humans was around, just a really peaceful night sky with complete silence. I think I was going to die for sure. My heart started pounding really fast but on the second thought, I changed my mind and said fuk I need to experience more on earth before I die, I still haven’t done DMT, I still havent travel back to my hometown to visit my grandparents. I try to wake up but I can’t, I try to move my body but I can’t. Its like at the moment this is for real. Then after some flying moments later, I finally woke up on my bed, not the hospital bed but my home. It was all a dream. How fukin realistic can this be. Moments ago, i thought I had cancer, moments later I was having a DMT hit because I thought I was gonna die. This is so surreal I can’t even believe it. When I was diagnosed with cancer in my dream, the dream was ridiculously real, I thought I was in my dream forever. It was like a lifetime.

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