Potential Reaction From Federal Government To States Legalizing Marijuana

  • 14. September 2012
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The statistics show that it is likely that marijuana is going to be legalized at a state level, in at least one but up to three states this year. This is a very very big deal, and it represents a significant turning point. Now the question is, assuming this goes through: how will the federal government react?

Will they waste resources trying to in some way deter or arrest people involved in the legal marijuana industry? With the kind of financial crisis we already face as a nation? Our debt issues can perhaps make us a bit optimistic about this, since they really CAN’T just be wasting money like that. I would specifically be interested in seeing how the republicans, the so-called ‘conservatives’ and ‘small-government’ people react.

If they support wasting the resources of the government to attack state legislation, that will automatically show them to be hypocrites, and insincere. It will demonstrate their true position to be "I support scaling back wasteful government spending…unless it’s something I want." This is another area where it gets interesting, because there HAS been a growing small-government movement among republicans, even if they haven’t fully ‘gotten the message’ yet. Therefore, for the sake of the Republicans’ own political careers, it may be in their best interest to oppose federal intervention, or else their constituents will see them to be insincere conservatives, and that could lose them their office.

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