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  • 17. September 2012
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Okay so I know this has been asked before but let me just put it into a different question category. So I’ve been working at this job for two weeks, I got hired no drug test. Now I drive a company van sometimes and all of a sudden me and another guy thats been working there for months have to take a drug test to drive it. They were going to do it today but I left work early so I didnt have to take it, they didn’t tell use when we would have to but they said most likely today because its faster. So my question is, should I just bring fake piss in later today when I go back to work or just bring it in tomorrow and not go back today? How long can I keep it in my car or on my legs before it goes bad? They didnt tell me a specific time so should I go in and ask to go take the test or what? Im so scared and confused I dont know what to do. I was planning on taking my sisters pee and taping it to my leg with a vial or some shit like my girlfriend did, it worked for her but my problem is I dont have a specific time to take it. And if I did fail this test, could they fire me? They hired me without a test and this isn’t an employment test its for a company van to drive a couple times a week.

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