Help!! need advice on what to do with a suspected male/hermie


Hi GC!

So I don’t have any experience with males or hermies, the only 2 plants I had before were 100% female.

Now I have my new strain (Blue Dream) and it’s supposedly a feminized seed. It’s been about 2 week into 12/12 and no real sign of pistils. There seems to be 1 or 2 white pistils here or there. I checked this morning hoping for pistils but all I can find are some random sacks/seeds here and there, and still no pistils.

If I have a Hermie, could it spread to my female PK that’s right besides it??
And how can I tell if they are seeds or pollen sacs?? I ripped a couple out and they fell just like seeds.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I have a hermie I can keep it and collect the seeds and it will not affect my other plants.

But if I have a Male, I have to kill it, otherwise there will be seeds in my PK’s budz?

I don’t really mind having seeds in some budz in the Blue Dream, but I DO NOT want any pollen to reach my PK.

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