Hydro or Soil for first grow?


We just got legal here in Michigan , and I stopped by a local grow shop and priced out items…..

Was quoted about $1,500 for everything needed for Hydro, including an 8” reflector , both HPS and MH bulbs ( 600 watt each ) with switchable ballast… a 5 bucket system custom built to suit my area…. all the meters ( PH, PPM, Humidity monitor …etc ) and all the Nutrients to get started….

My question is this …… I really like the idea of going hydro for faster grow and larger Yields ….. but for my first grow, would it be smarter to start in soil to avoid more issues with bacteria and root rot , and things like those ?

I plan to start and stay "small" with the number of plants…. This is mainly be for personal use only ….. I am registered as a Caregiver also, and also have a good friend that has Cancer that will be listing me as her Caregiver as well…..

I want to keep it simple , but have quality buds….. I hope that makes sense ….


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  • germafradid devchonka

  • germafradid devchonka


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